How To Cook Rice like a Rice Farmer!

I’m a rice farmer. By no means am I’m a gourmet chef but I do know how to cook perfect rice! Delicious style. The first thing you’re going to need to cook rice is a pot or a contraption called a rice cooker. Then you’re going to need water, two cups and of course rice.

One cup, white rice, brown rice, red rice, purple rice–whatever rice you got. Would you like to know where and how I got this rice? Well, I got it earlier today actually. Let’s rewind a bit. I’m at Red Top Rice Dryer’s sample room right now and in this cupboard is some of my very own rice that I grew in 2016. The ground that this rice was grown on has been in my family for three generations.

This is rough rice or paddy rice, so it came straight out of the field and was stored here. But, right now I’m going to mill it down to process it into the brown and white rice and share it with my family at home.

The first stage of milling the rice–removing the hull. And these in here are the rice hulls which has been removed from the rice. And there we go guys, two times through the mill and you’ve got brown rice! Ready to get home to be cooked. But! Let’s also make some white rice.

Now that we have the brown rice we’re going to run it through this machine here which will polish off the bran to make white rice. Let’s do it! Ahh, and the aroma of this freshly milled rice is simply amazing. It has this milky nuttiness to it. Absolutely going to be delicious!

Now to cook the rice add one portion rice to two portions of water in your pot or rice cooker, bring it to a boil, wait until the water has completely boiled off which would be after about 15 minutes for one cup of rice. And that’s it! What–you want some sort of recipe?

Add some butter and salt, some seasoning. Look, here’s the beauty of rice: rice is your high-quality canvas. I’m not going to tell Davinci how to paint. I’m not going to tell you how to season your rice. I’m not going to tell Picasso how to sketch. I’m not going to tell you with what you should cover your rice. Taste, like art, is subjective.

For me, this freshly milled rice here is going to taste delicious all by itself. 2016 crop year, milled fresh today. Let me know if you’d like to try it. Seriously write me an e-mail, “I wanna try that rice”. Maybe it might happen. Special thanks to Wes at Red Top Rice Dryer who helped me mill today’s rice.

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